The Strand Gallery is managed and run by artists. They know what artists need when it comes to building a relationship of trust with their representatives. They know the long hours of work that go into producing paintings, sculpture and works on paper. They appreciate the need to be appropriately rewarded for the effort that has been invested in the exhibits.

The Gallery is a is a commercial enterprise and is supported by an extensive promotional budget that ensures year round awareness in a community which is very supportive of visual arts and associated events. The Gallery is aiming to showcase quality and respected work from established artists and to provide opportunities for emerging and mid-career artists.

In our experience, solo exhibitions requiring long term planning to ensure the best promotional opportunities for artists and to make the best of advertising opportunities. We aim to provide all our artists, an opportunity to be featured in various publications, social media and on our website.

If you are interested in exhibiting at the gallery, it is best to make an appointment outside gallery hours so we can spend time with you without interruption. We are also happy to make studio visits and to open the gallery so you can see the potential of the space. We are a conservative gallery and have one designated photographer, textile and ceramic artist. If you work in other media, please contact sonya.hender@hender.com for further information about exhibiting.