Defining Moments Exhibition

From 5th October –  End of Summer. All paintings are available for purchase. 

Dream Land Beach Bali
Tom O’Callaghan

This exhibition will continue right through the summer season with over 80 Fleurieu artists and 218 small works. It has provided the artists with an opportunity to
experiment with new techniques, prepare studies for large paintings and to meet the challenge of working to a small scale

80 artists pay homage to the
19th century Australian impressionists.


This exhibition will continue right through the
summer season with over 218 small works.

The exhibition acknowledges the early Australian impressionists such as Tom Roberts, Charles Condor and Arthur Streeton. These artists painted small works with the first notable exhibition in 1889 in Melbourne. This early exhibition ‘9 x 5 Impression’ was named for the dimensions of the paintings, many of which were painted on cigar boxes. The exhibition caused much debate at the time and was considered a ‘Defining Moment’ in Australian Art. In South Australia, we are fortunate to have 4 of the works at the Art Gallery of South Australia which were made available by the generous donation by Max Carter and are currently on display in Gallery 3.

Charles Conder
Australia/Britain, 1868 – 1909
Dandenongs from Heidelberg
c.1889, Melbourne
oil on wood panel 11.5 x 23.5 cm
M J M Carter AO Collection through the Art Gallery of South Australia Foundation 2012,
to mark the 123rd anniversary of the ‘9 by 5 Impression Exhibition’, August 1889.
Donated through the Australian Government’s Cultural Gifts Program
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide